Sunday, March 14, 2010


A few items...

1. So excited to give R my $10 Starbucks card! It's just a tiny item, but I didn't want it, and she could use it.

2. While I was putting items away during my 15-minute challenge last night, I knocked over the basket of pens and sundry small office items--it fell behind my desk and made a mess. In the moment, I left it in place (or all over the place, as it were), but today, I will have to crawl underneath and pick everything up.

3. I'm trying to decide where to donate all of the clothing and other items I've found. Yesterday, I read in the shul bulletin about a local girls' high school that will come to pick up items for their rummage sale. I think this is a great plan--both for the recipients and because they will come to me. My other really good option is to put the bags of clothing in my car and put them in the drop-box the next time I'm in the Jewel parking lot.

4. I saw the Chicago river--it's GREEN this week--and dropped R off at her conference. Now, with the afternoon ahead of me, I have LOADS of laundry to wash, dry, fold, and put away. I guess I should get off the computer. :)

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  1. Three loads completed Sunday night, five loads completed Monday morning. LOTS OF CLEAN LAUNDRY AT MY HOUSE!!!!! CLOTHING, TOWELS, SHEETS, BLANKETS, TABLECLOTHS!!!